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A Healthy Lifestyle for High Blood Pressure Patient

HBP is when the blood pressure and flow is high in blood streams and the pressure is pushing blood towards arteries walls.HBP may lead to heart failure, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

How to maintain a healthy life when you are diagnosed with hypertension?

· The doctor will suggest you high dietary food- fruits are good source of dietary, raw vegetables, whole grains and food that are low in cholesterol, calories, sodium and fat. It is called DASH diet, doctor will recommend dairy products that are low in fat, fish, nuts. And avoid sugar, added sugar, soda, lean meat, red meat. Always go for low sodium food or food that contains no or less amount of salt.

· Avoid smoking and alcohol- alcohol affects blood pressure level. If you can’t stay away from alcohol then don’t consume more than 2 drinks.

· Exercise is very important- you should be physically active, daily go for 30 minutes of exercise if you can’t afford an hour. Your doctor will suggest you what activities are good for your health and how can you improve. Aerobics is good for you, but avoid the exercises that increase your heart beats it may result in heart attack or stroke.

· Maintaining healthy weight is essential- if you are overweight you should lose weight to reduce the chances of stroke or attack and other health complications. Losing weight will helps you decrease heart problems. To lose weight you have to cut down your calories intake, fat, cholesterol in the food and exercise well.

· Quit smoking habit- if you are a smoker, chew tobacco then quit it as fast as possible. They are very strong and can damage the blood stream permanently that increase chances of Hypertension. It also affects other body parts and not at all good for your health. I know quitting smoking is a difficult task to do but you can join a support group where many people like you come to quit smoking. It will help you a lot.

· Learn to manage your stress- be relaxed and calm. Don’t panic when you are in difficult situation. You should do meditation or yoga to keep your mind calm and cool. 20 minutes of meditation help you release the stress, play a soft instrumental music and meditate.

Join an exercise or yoga club, it will help you recover faster, it is excellent if you have a companion with you for exercise!

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